In addition to being an award winning Class A PGA Member, Luke holds a Masters Degree in Exercise and Sport Science from the University of Utah, in the area of Sport Psychology. Luke’s unique ability to bring together Modern Golf Instruction and the most effective researched principles in the world of Sport Psychology is what distinguishes his Instruction and Coaching from others. Luke has been the PGA Director of Instruction at such Prestigious Properties and Academies as TPC Snoqualmie Ridge, in Seattle, WA, Pronghorn in Bend, OR, and Querencia Golf Club, in Los Cabos, Mexico. Luke is the Director of Instruction/Founder of the M3 Golf LAB in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, and also serves a PGA Coach for the Moroccan National Golf Team, as well as the PGA Director of Instruction at the Royal Golf Dar Es Salam Academy in Rabat, Morocco. Luke is the only TPI, Aimpoint, & Impact Zone Advanced Certified Instructor in Colorado. Luke is also a Titleist Staff Member.
“…one of the best teachers in the game. . . a trendsetter for what is coming in the future as the mind takes on a larger role”
~ Brian Mogg, Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher
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