M3 Performance Lab


Motion. Mechanics. Mindsets. 

M3 Performance Lab is a cutting edge, progressive paradigm for Game Improvement and Golf Performance. Utilizing Titleist Performance Institute (TPI), Trackman, (Launch Monitor) and K-Vest (3-D) motion analysis, combined with Mindset Performance Training, the M3 Lab is unparalleled. 

The Gamer Program (5 , 10, 20 Week Options)

This is the entry point to the M3 Lab. Take your game to the next level. Unparalleled training program Includes Initial 2 Hour TPI Screen, 3D Motion–Comprehensive plan, Swing, Mindset Toughness Assessment. Followed by a complete Customized Program, (Swing, TPI, Mind) 3 Sessions of Active Coaching in the Lab (5 total, 10 for 10 week program, 20 for 20 week program). 

$725-5 Sessions over 2 Months Program

$1,425-10 Sessions over 3 Months Program 

$2,700-20 Sessions over 5 Months Program

$10,000-Year Round, One Supervised Session every 2 weeks, complete yearly practice plan, and weekly progress calls & video review. Membership after program (Year 2). 

*We also offer the 5 Session Gamer program for the short term Steamboat Visitor-5 Sessions Condensed into 2 Longer Sessions. 2.5 hours. $750


The Starter Program (4 Weeks)

-Learn the game to finish in 6 weeks, the right way. . . or Start from Scratch. Great solution for a Novice who has never played, or someone that literally wants to start over, from the ground up, the correct way.  5-30-Minute Coaching Sessions (2 the first time (Includes TPI Assessment and plan) on the correct body movements, fundamentals, swing, and mental strategies to play golf and 30 minutes of Practice in each session. Practice Program is designed specifically for students. 

$600-4 week program 

$985/3 Month Membership after Program

 $1360/6 Month Membership after Program

$2050/Year Membership after Program

*We will also offer this program for the Visitor-5 Sessions Condensed into 2 Longer Sessions. 2.5 hour

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