October 27, 2022

Fall into Focus

  A Mindset Tough Athlete has the uncanny ability, to find neutral with his or her mind. That is to say, when chaos strikes, the mentally tough athlete can stop & think, before proceeding. What this means, is that they have the ability to find space between their thoughts and reactions to those thoughts. Eastern Philosophy has for years pioneered this direction of human discovery. Western Science has recently undertaking exploring this avenue of being able to cultivate what many call, ‘mindfulness’. John Dewey, the great American Philosopher, strongly felt that freedom was only truly found in our ability to ‘stop […]
July 18, 2022

Motivation: It comes down to Values

Values, Goals & Motivation Motivation is a fundamental skill. Therefore, it can be learned, monitored, and adjusted. Motivation, has a lot to do with goals, and goals are reflections of our values. The root of motivation, or lack of, can be found in our values.  Values are simply things, beliefs & ideas that we prioritize, or feel is important to our engagement with an activity and in the world. Our self-image is a collection of our values into a general idea, or concept, about who we are that we carry around.  Most athletes that are on the edge of burnout, […]
June 21, 2022

Easy targets. Easy mind.

Easy targets. Easy Mind.  Far too often when working with athletes, I sense way too much tension throughout the duration of their event. That is to say, they are constantly dealing with how to diffuse tension. Tension is a motor pattern killer. That is to say, the tenser your mind is, the tenser your body is. When the body is tense, the execution of motor patterns gets more difficult.  I think the primary reason for most people’s experience of tension, is the looming expectation of perfection. That is to say, they select targets & goals that are ‘perfect’ and not […]
April 21, 2022

Transition Skills: Clubface & Sequence. . .which to fix first?

What comes first, an open club face or early extension?  Both are symptoms of deficient transition skills. Early extension is where a player’s hips move forward toward the ball, as opposed to rotating in the downswing. This movement toward the ball, not the target laterally, then rotationally, eliminates crucial space for the right forearm in the downswing, thus steepening the shaft, and necessitating an early club-face.  Early Extension     3D data shows lead wrist moves into a cupped (extension) position in downswing There are many theories as to why this happens, and which proceeds the other. The bottom line […]
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